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Top reasons why your South Florida office needs an Alkaline Water Filter System

The office water cooler is ubiquitous in the modern-day office, so much so that it’s inspired an entire culture of “water-cooler” behavior. While everyone enjoys gathering for a drink, it might be time for an upgrade. Alkaline water filters make it easy for your team, your clients, and others to enjoy a steady stream of clean, freshly filtered alkaline water any time they want it. We offer a variety of filters to fit your space and needs, and we make it easy to get started.

Here are four great reasons your South Florida office needs an alkaline water upgrade today.

1. The Benefits of Alkaline Water

Staying adequately hydrated is the best reason to have an on-site water filter, but not all water is equally beneficial. Alkaline water has a higher pH than regular tap water, but it also is a great source of minerals, which help build bones, strengthen cardiac function, support nerve health, and promote healthy digestion. The higher pH can also help neutralize excess acidity in the digestive system, which is especially helpful for those with stomach or digestive problems. The alkaline water essentially kills pepsin, a primary factor in acid reflux. When your employees are healthy and well-hydrated, they’ll have more stamina, focus, and energy to get the job done!

2. Affordable, Money-Saving Systems

Clean, ample water supplies are essential to good health, but water isn’t free, which means that regardless of the source of your water, you will need to pay for it. Water delivery services can be painful on your pocketbook, and worse, they can be environmentally expensive, too. The production, bottling, and transportation of bottled water use thousands of times more energy than tap water.

An alkaline water filtration system can help you opt out of that costly endeavor and have fresh, cool, alkaline water on tap whenever you want it. You can even use it to fill your portable bottles for on-the-go thirst quenching.

3- Happy Employees, Happy Customers

We have a variety of countertop and freestanding systems to meet the needs of our commercial customers. Whether you’ve got a small shop or a large business with multiple branches or outlets, your employees and customers will appreciate the attention to detail and care for comfort that an alkaline water system demonstrates. Refreshing cold or hot water will always be on tap to hydrate their bodies, boost their focus, and counteract the mental and physical fatigue that can come from dehydration.

4- Why Order Your Alkaline System from Us

At Alkaline Florida, we serve businesses throughout South Florida, offering a variety of versatile and affordable alkaline water filters. We are committed to offering only the best filters, which are made to meet the strictest standards. Our team transports and installs each filter under rigorous supervision to ensure the highest standards are maintained, and we are confident in your complete satisfaction.

Contact Alkaline Water South Florida today to schedule an appointment and learn more about the many benefits that alkaline water can bring to your office!

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