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How alkaline water helps you lose weight

Could losing weight be as simple as drinking more water? It might just be, but we’re not talking about ordinary tap water. We’re talking about alkaline water. “Alkaline” refers to how acidic or basic a solution is. Most tap water is neutral with a pH ranging between 5.7 and 7.4. Alkaline water, on the other hand, has a pH level ranging from 8.5 to 9.5.

This water is not merely basic. It just might be healthier than ordinary tap water. Also known as mineral water or ionized water, water that is alkaline can help improve hydration levels, reduce bone loss, and help you stay active, all of which are essential to any healthy lifestyle. Research indicates that it might even be able to help you lose weight, and it does that in several ways.

Supports healthy metabolic function

The metabolic rate is the rate at which your body burns calories. When your metabolic rate is high, you can burn more calories even when doing nothing at all. Drinking water can help you lose weight without changing your diet or activity levels. Drinking mineral water might help even more, according to another study, which reveals that cold ionized water boosts thermogenesis and stimulates metabolic activity.

Maximize the benefits by drinking an ice-cold glass about half an hour before each meal.

Curbs cravings

Cravings can throw even the best-planned diet entirely off course. Unfortunately, indulging in those cravings could lead to overeating, which can impede your weight loss efforts. Grabbing a glass of cold mineral water can help combat cravings, stay hydrated, and feel satisfied even without eating.

Supports healthy digestion.

Your body needs water to move food through the digestive tract and absorb nutrients. With insufficient water, you may be prone to a sluggish digestive system, poor nutrient uptake, and constipation. Adding water that is alkaline to your routine can help you get all the nutrients you need from your diet while keeping food moving easily through your system.

Keeps you hydrated.

While it’s true that all water is hydrating, water that is a bit basic might just be better at keeping you hydrated. Mineral water works by keeping fluid and electrolyte levels healthy. Staying hydrated might just make the difference between feeling active and alert and struggling with dehydration-related fatigue.

Improves your muscle function

When you’re dehydrated, every part of your body suffers. Your joints and muscles can hurt, and you may develop inflammation. Good hydration and healthy pH levels can keep your joints lubricated, combat inflammation, and ease pain. It can also help boost your muscle performance during aerobic exercise, which means you’ll have an edge when it comes to torching calories.

Get more mineral water into your routine by keeping it on hand. Drink a chilled bottle as soon as you wake up to get your sluggish system moving again. Drink again before meals to fill your stomach and keep you hydrated, and drink before workouts to go longer and harder. Finally, set a reminder on your phone to drink.

There’s ample evidence supporting the use of this special water, and research indicates that it can help with weight loss. However, Alkaline Water LLC is not a medical professional and cannot offer medical advice. If you have medical concerns, talk to your doctor about your options.

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