Benefits of Alkaline Water

Why Choose Alkaline Water?​

Everything you eat and drink has a pH level ranging from 0, which is highly acidic, to 15, which is basic or alkaline. Normal water typically has a pH of 7 while alkaline or basic water can range from 7.5 and 9. Also considered functional water, drinking it could help you maintain a healthier pH naturally, which can have a host of benefits for your body.

Although some springs are natural sources of basic water, we here at AW can help you make it yourself with powerful filters and minerals to restore a sense of wellbeing and health.

1. Weight Loss

Staying hydrated with functional water can support healthy digestive function, boost metabolic activity, improve your energy levels, and keep your pH levels balanced.

2. Detoxification

Our water replenishes every cell in your body with life-giving fluid and can help you cleanse more efficiently.

3. PH Balance

An acidic diet can lead to an acidic pH in the body, creating an environment in which poor health can thrive. Our water can help balance your pH and help you return to a healthier state of homeostasis.

4. Bone Health

Our water is a rich source of calcium, magnesium, and potassium, all of which are critical for bone health.

5. Hydration

Thirst is often confused with hunger. Having readily accessible alkaline water on hand whenever you need it will combat thirst and keep you well-hydrated.

6. Heart Health

Alkaline is a great source of heart-healthy minerals, so drink up!

7. Energy/Endurance

Thirst can sap your energy levels as quickly as sleep deprivation. Water is perfectly suited to counteracting fatigue and thirst and restoring your energy.

8. Helps Chemotherapy

Cancer cells thrive in acidic environments. With the right water, you can support a healthier pH level throughout your whole body.

9. Makes your skin look and feel younger

Our water systems have powerful antioxidant benefits that can neutralize free radicals for a more youthful-looking you.

10. Cholesterol Reduction

Alkaline water can counteract not just high cholesterol levels but high blood glucose levels, too.

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